Helping Complex Organisations Innovate

Satisfied customers, enthusiastic employees, diminished competition
In the digital age, innovation is essential to meeting customer and employee expectations, and to avoiding disruption by competitors.

At Board and Senior Executive Team level, I support organisations seeking to innovate.

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“…until you have turned a spark of creativity into revenues, profits, or improved performance on a process, …… all you have done is stuffed an idea into a locked box.”

Scott D Anthony

How can I help?

I have grappled with the challenge of innovation over a 40 year career in public service, the last 15 years of which have entailed leading large organisations through fundamental and constant change: from the Cold War, to Counter-Insurgency Campaigns, to the resurgence of Hostile States, latterly against the background of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

My experience of success and failure in this endeavour, the skills I have learnt and developed over time, my digital knowledge, and passion for innovation, have equipped me powerfully to help complex organisations with:

  • the definition of a process for arriving at a Strategy that will foster innovation,
  • testing the content of that Strategy, including the design of an innovation ecosystem, and
  • advising and mentoring leaders at all levels to ensure that Strategy is executed.
The intended result is not innovation for its own sake, but rather satisfied customers, enthusiastic employees, and diminished competition.
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Contact Me

Contact Me

I would be delighted to discuss how I can help you and your business to innovate successfully.

Office: 01225 612340

“The adaptive demands of our time require leaders who take responsibility without waiting for revelation or request. One can lead with no more than a question in hand.”

Ronald A Heifetz and Donald L Laurie