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I have grappled with the challenge of innovation over a 40 year career in public service, the last 15 years leading large organisations through fundamental and constant change: from the Cold War, to Counter-Insurgency Campaigns, to the resurgence of Hostile States, latterly against the background of the 4th Industrial Revolution. My experience of success and failure in this endeavour, the skills I have learnt and developed, my digital knowledge, and passion for innovation, have equipped me powerfully to help complex organisations to innovate.

Picture of General Sir Chris Deverell at the podium, giving a speech at the RUSI Land Warfare Conference in 2017

Chris Deverell

July 19, 2017

Confronting the Information Challenge: RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2017

A 12 minute clip from a panel at the RUSI Land Warfare Conference in 2017, on the subject of Confronting the Information Challenge.