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‘It’s a superb organisation’: General Sir Chris Deverell on leaving Joint Forces Command

From Forces Net: General Sir Chris Deverell is soon to stand down from his role as Commander of Joint Forces Command (JFC) after being

Inside jHub, “the secretive UK military lab working with startups”

From Sifted: a tech reporting article on the jHub

Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, visits the jHub

From Gov.UK: Coverage of the visit to the jHub by the Secretary of State for Defence, when we briefed him on the work being
Military Medicine Podcast logo, with General Sir Chris Deverell

Innovate or Die? Military Medicine Podcast

A 16 minute Military Medicine Podcast interview with host Dr James Kuht, the first in his series, on the subject of Innovation.

As satellites become targets, UK military seeks closer ties with space industry

From Space News: “Our biggest concern is the behavior of Russia and of China,” Gen. Sir Chris Deverell, commander of Joint Forces Command, said

Joint Forces Command aircraft breaks the world flight endurance record

From A Joint Forces Command High Altitude Pseudo-Satelitte Operational Concept Demonstrator aircraft surpasses the world flight endurance record of 25 days without

Speech at the Raisina Dialogue 2018 on MilTech

A 10 min video clip from a panel at India’s premier Defence and Security Conference, Raisina Dialogue, in 2018, on the benefits and risks

Joint Forces Command seeks out innovation in Silicon Valley

From General Sir Chris Deverell, Commander Joint Forces Command recently spent 4 days on the US West Coast meeting organisations leading the

MOD Adds Cyber Training to the Defence Academy

From Warfare.Today. Article highlighting the boost to UK cyber security with the opening of the new Defence Cyber School at the Defence Academy

Commander Joint Forces Command warns of the threat of Russian cyber attacks

From The Sun. An article on the threat posed by Russian cyber activity.

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