Boots as well as Bots

Daily Telegraph article of 29 Sep 20 about the Army’s plans in the British Government’s Integrated Review of foreign policy, defence, security, and international development, with commentary from Sir Chris Deverell

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Untying the Gordian Knot in UK Defence

Writing in the Daily Telegraph on 7 Sep 20, Sir Chris Deverell says that UK Defence faces a Gordian knot, forever trapped in a world in which it either needs more money or to reduce its level of ambition. This is an unpalatable place when government expenditure is in greater demand than ever, at the same time as the range and volume of threats we face are increasing, rather than reducing. Since World War II, the outcome has usually been to accept lower levels of capability. The only way to cut this knot is to find a way to do better at lower cost. This must entail doing differently, because Defence has repeatedly shown that it finds doing the same at lower cost incredibly hard to achieve. Embracing digital innovation is the way to do differently.

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Changing centuries-old culture to embrace innovation

To facilitate the adoption of new technology in the UK military, Service Personnel need to be empowered to think and act differently. This article in Wired describes a new initiative to do just that, co-created by Daniel Korski, CEO of PUBLIC, and General Sir Chris Deverell, former Commander of UK Joint Forces and founder of the jHub. It’s called the Percy Hobart Fellowship, and it’s now in pilot with the Royal Navy.

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Logo for The Commission for Smart Government, which includes Sir Chris Deverell as a Commissioner

Covid pressures demand Whitehall overhaul, says new Commission

A powerful group of business leaders and former senior public officials today calls for a fundamental overhaul of the machinery of government to improve delivery and protect public services in the wake of the Covid epidemic. 

The Commission for Smart Government warns that “every organisation in the country is urgently considering how to adapt and survive in the new world which the virus is shaping, and government can’t be exempt.”

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Picture of Mansfield College Oxford, of which Sir Chris Deverell is now an Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellowship of Mansfield College, Oxford

Mansfield College, Oxford announces seven new Honorary Fellows from the fields of science, culture, law, defence, and finance, including two UK Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Sir Philip Jones and General Sir Chris Deverell, both of whom graduated from Mansfield in the early 1980s. Previous Honorary Fellows include President Jimmy Carter, Dame Maggie Smith, and Mr Ben Okri.

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